Winter Pest Control Tips

Mouse Fight the Bite Winter Pest Control

Winter Pest Control Tips

Winter Pest Control Advice from Fight the Bite

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and the chilly winter weather of December is here (and in Missouri gone, then back again)! As you climb up into your attic to find your Christmas decorations, you see a few droppings from a furry here and there. Or, even evidence of a larger rodent taking up shelter. We sometimes assume winter weather will kill off bugs, but what about rodents and other small pests? They are simply looking for warmth and food. What should you do to guarantee these pests will not spread throughout your home?

Is Pest Control necessary in the Winter?

The answer is YES!

During the colder months of the year many pests from mice and racoons to the little common household bugs such as spiders, roaches, and carpenter ants, hide out in attics and basements until warmer weather returns. Once spring returns, they come out of hiding to invade your property. At this point, the infestation requires an extensive treatment. Dusting attic areas  and using pest control during the winter will keep these pests out of your home for the warmer months to come.

Fight the Bite Pest Control Services

Our professional Fight The Bite pest control experts can eliminate a variety of infestations, including spiders, mice, roaches, ants, silverfish, fleas, ticks, flying insects, rodents and more. If property is left unkept or unmanaged in the winter, these pests can wreak havoc on your building and the people living or working inside of it. With professional pest control services from Fight The Bite Pest Management, your pest infestation will soon become a thing of the past. The time for pest control is NOW.

Contact Fight The Bite for Winter Pest Control and Removal

If you are looking for Pest Control service, look no further than Fight The Bite. We can assist you in the removal of pests from your home this winter. For more information on our pest control services, get in touch with us at (816) 434-0798 or contact us online today.