Why Pest Control is Not a DIY Job

Pest Control Professional at Work

Why Pest Control is Not a DIY Job

Why You Should Leave Pest Control to the Professionals

Those of us who have endured pest control problems have been there. We start dreaming up scenarios in which it’s us versus the bugs. Just an empty room, a flamethrower, and thousands of bed bugs or cockroaches between us and the exit. We take a deep breath, accept our fate, and become the ex-terminator. Hasta la vista, buggy.

But realistically, how many of us know how to exterminate bed bugs or cockroaches? Very few people have taken the time to understand these creepy, miniature enemies that make the average human’s insides crawl. As Sun Tzu said in The Art of War, “If you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles.” At Fight the Bite, we know your enemies. We’ve been studying them for a long time.

Critter Immunity

Some people might think you only need any off-the shelf bug spray and a frying pan to smash the odd survivor, but these bugs know how to survive. Misuse of chemicals or using chemicals that don’t exterminate the entire population can lead to bugs becoming immune to certain chemicals. There are reports of bed bugs that can withstand some of the most common extermination chemicals sold to the public. A pest control expert will know which chemicals work and which don’t.

Hitting the Enemy Where it Hurts

Bugs are tricky. They climb up the walls and slink away into holes you never knew existed. Sometimes they appear out of nowhere, like maniacal magicians bent on your psychological torment. Chances are there are populations you don’t know about. For instance, not all bed bugs stay in the bedroom. They can spread out across the entire house faster than you might think. At Fight the Bite, our pest control experts know where to find your enemies.

Recognizing the Enemy

This seems simple enough, right? It’s got six legs, it’s a bug. Eight, it’s a spider. What more is there? But in all honesty, there are different unique species of bed bugs and cockroaches. Fun fact: over 4,500 species of cockroaches still exist today. Not every species of these critters will react the same way to treatment. A professional bed bug exterminator or pest control expert can identify the type of pest and make sure it gets taken care of.

Contact a Pest Control Expert Today

If you want to get rid of your pests, you can try to don your Rambo gear or wield your frying pans. If that fails, however, try giving a pest control expert a call. At Fight the Bite, our team has years and years of experience with elusive, crawling foe. We can take the pressure off and wrestle your home back from these invaders.