When is The Best Time to Hire Lawn Services?

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When is The Best Time to Hire Lawn Services?

What Time of Year Should You Hire Lawn Services?

Some lawn owners only think of the lawn when it makes itself visible with dandelions sprouting yellow and white, grass swaying above the ankles. Maybe you’d love to have a beautiful lawn, but you work too many hours a week. Maybe your job keeps you out of town. Maybe you’ve just got kids scampering around and keeping track of them is a full time job. You want to hire lawn services, but you don’t know when.

Now Is Better Than Never

If you are one of those people who lets the lawn slip until things look like they could soon get out of hand, then maybe now is the best time to hire lawn services. Like they say, “There is no time like the present!” Depending on the season, a lawn care provider can only do so much, but you’ll have a company you can trust when the spring comes along.

Lawn Services Before Spring

Spring is a time of beginnings. Butterflies poke their antennae and wings from cocoons and unfold their magnificent colors. Flower buds open their petals to the breeze, and grass tickles its way up out of the soil. But for each bit of beauty brought by spring there is a patch of unruly weeds or spot of soil that just won’t turn green. Sometimes it takes a bit of preparation to get your lawn looking just the way you want it.

Talking to potential lawn services companies in the winter is a great idea. You can get an idea of what they will charge, what they are capable of, and most importantly, what your lawn’s makeover will look like. Winter can be a great time to trim back tree limbs and sketch out your lawn’s new look.

Spring-Time Decisions

You want your lawn services team working on your projects after the last frost. This gives them a healthy lawn to work with. If you’ve already got a plan in place and know exactly what you want and what you can expect from your lawn care company, then spring is the time to take action. Most lawn work should take place in the spring and summer, though more maintenance than people realize goes on in the fall and winter.

More Than Just Lawn Mowing Services

At Fight the Bite, we take care of your lawn. We do more than simply trimming the grass. If you want to remake your lawn and turn it into (or keep it) something you are proud of, get in touch with us. We take our lawn services seriously.