Weed Control


Effectively controlling the overgrowth of weeds can be frustrating. With most over-the-counter or store bought weed control products, weeds seem to resurface even after application. Our turf pros can offer you weed control that is proactive and cost-effective.

Weed Control


Effective weed control requires eliminating existing weeds along with continuous prevention. Existing weeds prevent future healthy grass growth, which makes it almost impossible to have a perfectly manicured lawn. To make sure your weed problem doesn’t manifest again, it’s important to hire a professional that provides a complete package of turf services. Our turf pros use quality chemicals measured to the perfect amount based on each lawn and the severity of the weed problem. Leave your lawn services and care to the professionals at Fight The Bite.

weed control
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Your protection is our priority. Our standard weed control service is 100% satisfaction guaranteed, or we will retreat your yard at no additional charge

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