Termite Control


Don’t let termites invade your home or business. The termite control pros at Fight The Bite have the skills to fully inspect, pre-treat and eliminate termites to protect your property from these destructive pests. Find out more about our termite control service here, or take a look at our site for our full range of pest control services.


Termites – What’s the Risk?

Why employ the services of a professional pest control company to handle a termite problem? We can tell you! Termites will do considerable damage to a property. Termites eat wood, and if an infestation is left untreated they’ll weaken the structural integrity of your property.


Wooden parts of your home or other property will get weaker and more likely to give way. Repairs will be costly, and the risk of injury will seriously increase. The sooner you treat an infestation, the better.


Signs of Termites

How do you know if you have termites on your property? There are a few key signs to look out for:

  • Small, round holes in wood
  • Significant, unexplained cracks in wood
  • Small piles of grain (frass)
  • Sagging or blistering in laminate floors.

These are just a few things to look out for. Our termite control time will do a full inspection to confirm that you have a termite problem.


What Fight The Bite Can Do For You

What can Fight The Bite do to protect your home from termites?

Inspect Space For Termites

Our team will begin with a thorough inspection of your property, so we can target your termite control treatment for maximum effectiveness.

Pretreatment For Termites

Building a new property? Pretreatment is a smart, affordable move that protects your investment by keeping termites away.

Shield Home From Termites

Once an infestation is identified, our Pest Pros apply a powerful, innovative treatment that eliminates the entire colony – including the queen. This means that once your termites are gone, they won’t be coming back!


Fight The Bite’s Pest Pros eliminate termites and protect against future infestations through the strategic application of our powerful insecticide. Our drilling and rodding methods ensure that the treatment reaches the entire colony.


When the infestation occurs underneath the foundation of your structure, our Pest Pros drill through the slab or other hard surfaces until we hit earth. We then inject a powerful insecticide using metal termite rods, saturating the surrounding earth.


Our Pest Pros use metal termite rods to inject a powerful insecticide directly into the earth around the perimeter of your home or business. Rods are inserted 12 to 18 inches deep, and approximately one foot apart for maximum structural protection.

Contact Us About Termite Control

If you’re finding tiny holes all over your home, or have noticed cracks in the wooden beams in your business property, contact Fight The Bite about termite control today. Our Pest Pro team will assess and treat the problem, making sure your termite infestation is taken care of. We also provide bed bug treatments, mosquito control services, and additional lawn services. For more tips on preventing termite infestations and more, visit our blog.

For more tips on preventing and getting rid of termites, visit our blog.

Termite Treatment satisfaction Guaranteed

Your protection is our priority. Our standard termite liquid treatment is covered by a two-year warranty to keep you termite-free.

Need Termite Control services? We’ve got you covered.