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Grubs can be nasty little bugs. Without proper control and prevention, grubs can wreak havoc on even the most pristine lawns. If you think you might have a grub infestation, enlist the professionals at Fight The Bite.

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White grubs are the larval stage of insects such as Japanese Beetles, June Bugs, and May Beetles. These insects lay their eggs in mid-summer, typically in summer areas of the lawn. After hatching in early August, these new larvae begin eating the roots of your grass which, if not caught early, can lead to the destruction of your lawn.

Knowing how to find the grub worms is the key to treating them.  Visual damage can be seen from late spring to early fall.  Look for grass that can easily be peeled away from the soil, like carpet.  If 10 or more grubs are present in a square foot of sod, treatment is to follow. While grubs can still be treated by mid-fall, treating for grubs during the mid to late summer often produces superior results. Insecticides and other pest-control methods are most effective on immature grubs, which is why it’s important to catch them early. Once matured, they become much more difficult to eradicate. If you think you might have a grub problem, enlist the help of the professionals at Fight The Bite.

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