A green and healthy lawn needs essential nutrients which allow it to cultivate and grow. Every lawn is unique, which is why we offer a personalized fertilization plan to ensure it looks its best. Fight the Bite is here to simplify the fertilization process.


Fertilization is a year-round job. Fertilizing through the winter months is essential to making sure your lawn is ready for spring. Our lawn services are offered throughout the year, so that we can help ensure that your lawn maintains optimum health and color, and that it is properly fertilized.

Fertilization is a delicate process which requires time and expertise. Our turf professionals have the knowledge and training to personally care for your lawn. Over or under-fertilizing your lawn can result in a variety of issues and problems. Each personalized plan is calculated with the right amount of fertilization with consideration to the size of your lawn, the soil quality, and the weather. Leave your lawn services and care to the professionals at Fight The Bite. We will analyze your lawn and create a unique lawn care plan that will make sure your lawn is beautiful and healthy.

Mosquito Control Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your protection is our priority. Our standard fertilization service is 100% satisfaction guaranteed, or we will retreat your yard at no additional charge

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