Bed Bug Treatment


Do you have itchy, red bites on your body? Do they seem to be worse when you wake up in the morning? If that’s the case, you may have bed bugs! Bed bugs require effective prevention and treatment. Our Pest Pros will help you rest easy with powerful bed bug treatment methods.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Do you want an effective bed bug treatment without harsh chemicals? Our thermal remediation treatment is an all-natural, environmentally-friendly and effective treatment option for eliminating bed bugs. This bed bug treatment option requires sealing off the affected space and heating the room to approximately 117-122°F to kill bed bugs at all stages of life.

Bed Bug Liquid Treatment

Our Pest Pros treat rooms, furniture, and cracks and crevices throughout your home or business where bed bugs love to hide. We use a powerful pesticide that kills bed bugs while protecting the safety of humans and pets.



Research shows bed bugs are growing increasingly resistant to pesticides. However, bed bugs cannot withstand extended exposure to temperatures above 118°F. The thermal remediation bed bug treatment uses high-temperature heat to eliminate bed bugs effectively and safely. The thermal remediation treatment is an environmentally-friendly, all-natural alternative treatment option to kill adult bed bugs, nymphs, and eggs.


Special portable heaters raise the room temperature above 118°F, and sensors tell us when lethal temperatures have been reached. Elevated temperatures are sustained for a sufficient length of time to kill bed bugs in all stages of development – eggs, nymphs, and adults. Our Pest Pros monitor temperatures to make sure there are no “cold spots” where bed bugs could escape from the heat.





Our Pest Pros fight bed bugs with a fast-acting insecticide that kills on contact, while protecting the safety of humans and pets. Treatment is applied to surfaces frequently touched by humans — such as couches, beds, and other items throughout your home or place of business.


Preparation steps should be followed prior to bed bug treatment for optimal results.


STEP 1: Remove and wash all bedding, clothing, and linens.

Prior to bed bug treatment and extermination, remove all bedding from mattresses, gather all linens, and all clothing, etc. from the living space. This includes any textile materials that are machine washable — pillows, mattress covers, school bags, and all items that must be dry-cleaned. Even fabric that is in storage should be collected. Wash bedding and all clothing/fabrics in HOT water and dry in the dryer on the hottest setting. Follow garment instructions if you want to use heat to kill bed bugs in garments.

STEP 2: Seal all washed items in an air-tight storage bin or garbage bag.

After washing, place items in clean, bed bug-free storage bins or garbage bags. Seal to prevent bugs from entering and hiding in the clean fabrics. Keep access only to what you will need for a week. All other clothing will remain in storage until your home is determined pest-free.

STEP 3: Remove all items from the bottom of closets in infested areas.

Empty all other non-machine washable items from the bottom of closets in rooms where bugs have been found, or closets that are within eight feet of infested areas. The exterminator will need access to these spaces. Vacuum all of these items and store in bins or bags sealed to prevent bugs from gaining access.

STEP 4: Unplug all electronic devices and remove all electric outlet plates and wall mounted lights.

Unplug electronic devices in rooms being exterminated. This will make the area more accessible to the exterminator. Remove all electrical outlet and light switch plates if possible. Remove wall mounted lights if applicable. The exterminator will need access to these spaces and will remove them if you don’t.

STEP 5: Vacuum floors, carpet, rugs, couch cushions, nooks and crannies, etc.

Vacuum floors, carpets, nooks and crannies, rugs (if not machine washable), couch and cushions, etc. Place vacuum bag into the garbage, double bagged and tied in a garbage bag and discard immediately.

STEP 6: Move objects away from the perimeter of the room.

Move objects away from the perimeter of rooms. For example, if your sofa, dresser or bed is positioned against a wall, pull it away from the wall. The exterminator will need access to the perimeter of the rooms where bugs have been found (bedrooms, living room, den/study). Vacuum along the perimeter of the room if you were unable to before because the exterminator will need access to these spaces.

STEP 7: Remove all wooden bookshelves, dressers, desks, etc.

Empty wooden bookshelves, desks, dressers, etc., and place items in storage bins, in the room where bed bugs were found. Bed bugs can and will seek refuge between the boards of wooden furniture. This may include coffee tables, television stands, bed frames, photo frames, and box springs. The exterminator will need access to these spaces. Art will need to be removed from the wall. Please place on the floor below.

STEP 8: Remove or cover all fish/reptile tanks. Turn off air to tank.

Remove or at least cover all fish/reptile tanks. Turn off air to animal tanks. Remove any pet food that is out in the open. Be prepared to remove any animals — cats, dogs, birds, and other pets — for several hours if a complete residence treatment is proposed. You will need to air out the space prior to returning pets to the treated areas.

STEP 9: Leave a contact phone number.

Make sure to leave a contact number where the exterminator can reach you should he or she have a question while treating your home.

STEP 10: Wait for mattress, sofa, etc. to dry.

Wait for all mattresses, sofas, etc. to dry before sitting or laying on them unless we used all natural heat treatment instead of a chemical. The treatment used to exterminate the premises may irritate your skin if it is still wet.


Follow the simple steps below to detect bed bugs and to reduce the risk of your home or business becoming infested.


  • Dark rusty spots on sheets, mattresses, and/or box spring from blood stains
  • Dark spots from fecal stains
  • Exoskeletons or cast skins from shedding
  • Red, itchy welts on humans and pets in a line or group


  • Inspect hotels for bed bugs as soon as you enter into your room
  • Do not place luggage on beds
  • Inspect items before bringing them into your home — especially packages, luggage, and furniture
  • For more tips on how to detect and prevent bed bugs, visit our blog.

Bed Bug Control Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your protection is our priority. Our heat treatment is backed by our 90-day warranty to keep your home or business free of bed bugs.

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