How Long Does Bed Bug Treatment Take?

Treating a room for bed bugs

How Long Does Bed Bug Treatment Take?

What is the Timeline for Bed Bug Treatment?

Bed bug treatment does not come as a one-size-fits-all solution. The treatment will depend on the size and intensity of the infestation. It will also depend on your living situation. Do you live in a single-family, unattached home? Or do you live in a duplex or an apartment? Bed bugs are tricky little things, and it can take even the best bed bug exterminator a bit of time to discover all the spots that need bed bug treatment. Having said all this, there are some typical treatment timelines that we see at Fight the Bite.

How Soon After the Treatment Will You Know?

Pregnant bed bugs typically lay three eggs a day, and these eggs take two weeks to hatch. A treatment can wipe out a population of bed bugs only to leave behind these eggs. These annoying critters can also hibernate for up to a year. This means you can go twelve months without a bite, thinking the world a lovely place free of bed bugs, only to find that they were just sleeping and biding their time. All this means you will probably need to treat more than once, and it can take a while before you know for sure whether the treatment fully exterminated them.

When Should You Get Another Treatment?

Since they will hatch on an ongoing basis for some time, you should get more than one bed bug treatment. This is not a one and done solution, but it can, given your situation, be a relatively quick solution. If you have a small, isolated infestation, then bed bug treatments over the course of a few weeks have a better chance of killing them off completely.

If you live in an apartment building or shared home, then everything gets much more complicated. Bed bugs can move between units. If we come to exterminate only in your apartment, we might manage only to push the bugs to another apartment. Worse yet, the nasty little guys might originate in someone else’s unit, and they are migrating to yours. This will make the treatment time much longer.

The Bottom Line

There is no clear or easy way to tell if bed bugs are completely gone. The best option is to always call a professional pest control company, like Fight the Bite, to take care of your infestation. We will have to come back a few times, but we will get the job done.

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