Common Lawn Services For The Fall Months

A rake resting in a pile of leaves

Common Lawn Services For The Fall Months

Some Common Lawn Services For The Fall Months

When you think of lawn services, you typically think of spring and summer time. However, when fall rolls around, your yard still needs important lawn services. From something as simple as raking leaves to preparing your lawn for winter, it’s important to not get lazy with your yard care just because it’s no longer the summer months.

Today, Fight The Bite is going to spend time looking at a few common lawn services that will benefit your yard during the fall months.

Fall Fertilization

Depending on what kind of grass you have at home, it might not be well suited to survive the winter. If your grass is a warm weather grass, it will go dormant quickly and won’t require as much care. However, if you have a cool weather grass, fall is a great time to fertilize and prepare your grass for the winter months.

Not only will this help your grass stay healthy during the cooler months of winter, but it will also help new root systems grow during the dormant months, ensuring a thicker sod in the spring.

Weed Control

The fall is the best time each year to get rid of any weed problems you might have. Certain weeds stay alive during the winter by using nutrients that should be absorbed by your grass and plants. Fall is the perfect season to both pull weeds and use weed killers because the weeds will not be able to reestablish during the winter months. Essentially, when you kill weeds during the fall, you are going to get three to four months of winter to keep them from rebounding come spring.

Winter Preparation

Arguably the most important fall lawn service is winter preparation activities. It’s easy to see the gains you made during the spring and fall be completely neutralized by a brutal winter. If you are not able to prepare your lawn and even your garden for winter, you might see your grass and plants take a major blow.

If you pull weeds, keep your grass fertilized, and even aerate your lawn during the fall, you will be ahead of the game come springtime.

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Just because the days are shorter and the weather isn’t as warm doesn’t mean that there aren’t lawn services to conduct during the fall. At Fight The Bite, we can provide lawn services that will make your lawn healthier and more likely to grow at its best. For more lawn tips, give us a call at (816) 434-0798 or contact us online today.