Mosquito Control


Fight the Bite in four easy steps with our pest pros! Your mosquito protection begins with a thorough, multi-point inspection, followed by effective treatment, helpful mosquito control education, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

28 Day Mosquito Treatment Shield
28-Day Shield

Enjoy 4 weeks of outdoor mosquito control and prevention with our standard application -- backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Mosquito All Natural Treatment
All-Natural Shield

Go green and Fight the Bite with up to 21 days of protection with our all-natural application that provides organic mosquito control.

Mosquito Events Treatment
Special Events Spray

This application includes a detailed inspection of your event site and multiple applications to keep mosquitoes from crashing your outdoor event and ruining all the fun.


Remember, mosquitoes love standing water and messy yards. You can reduce your risk of mosquitoes in between treatments by following these simple steps:

  • Clear out puddles after it rains.
  • Remove standing water from the tops of trash cans, flower pots, and other locations.
  • Keep bird baths and pet bowls empty when not in use

  • Clean your gutters of water and debris after a storm.
  • Keep your yard trimmed regularly.
  • Trim shrubs, trees, and other plants on a regular basis.
  • Learn more about preventing mosquitoes in the summer.

Mosquito Control Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your protection is our priority. Our standard mosquito treatment is 100% satisfaction guaranteed, or we will retreat your yard at no additional chargeGuarantee applies to our standard 28-Day shield.

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